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Where do you source your herbs?Updated a year ago

When it comes to our herbs, we believe in relationships. Relationships with our growers and wildcrafters, with the regions and cultures our plants call home, and most importantly, with the medicines themselves. Because of this we buy herbs differently than most, resulting in potent, pure, and sustainable product offerings.

We’re committed to sourcing organic whenever possible (as is the case with a large majority of our herbs), continuously improving our sustainability and testing, sourcing directly from traditional growing regions, and promoting quality herbal education.

Our Chinese Herbs come from one of the most respected organic herb suppliers in China. Several of our Chinese herbs come from the largest nature preserve in China, the famed Changbai Mountain, and are highly regulated for both environmental sustainability and purity.

Our Ayurvedic herbs come from small organic farm cooperatives in India. Our chicory is from a family farm & roaster in France (they’ve been roasting chicory since the 1800s!), and our mushrooms are sustainably cultivated in California (we use only chaga mycelium instead of wildcrafted chaga for sustainability reasons.)

All of our herbs are tested for heavy metals and other possible contaminants. 

Learn more about our values when it comes to sourcing here!

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