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Rasa Product Information

How does Rasa work? - Flavor - Function - Caffeine - Gluten - Kosher - Sugar Free - Shelf Life - Ingredients - Rasa vs Coffee - Are we different to other coffee alternatives?

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30-Day Caffeine Detox Kit

Why should you de-caffeinate your life? The number one reason is probably that caffeine steals energy from tomorrow to fuel today, and who wants that? (The answer is nobody. Nobody wants that 🤷)

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Herbs & Sourcing

Where do we source our Herbs? - Fair Trade - What's the deal with Adaptogens.

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Pregnancy - Breast Feeding - Can I have more than 1 cup a day - Child Safety

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Answers to all your Rasa brewing questions.

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Order Questions

Stuck on your order? Hopefully this can help! If not please reach out to us at [email protected] It's really important to us!

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How to make edits to your subscription, plus all the benies!

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Shipping & Returns

Answers to questions when shipping goes awry.

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My Rasa Account & Referral Program

How to manage your Rasa account. What is the Referral Program, and what/how to manage?

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Affiliate/Ambassador Program

Wanna share your love of Rasa? Let us count the share!

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Join the Rasa movement! Together with our B2B partners, we are creating a new category: Functional Coffee Alternative. Other healthy coffee substitutes exist, but only ours comes with the cornucopia of health benefits these adaptogens offer.

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