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30-Day Caffeine Detox Kit

Why should you de-caffeinate your life? The number one reason is probably that caffeine steals energy from tomorrow to fuel today, and who wants that? (The answer is nobody. Nobody wants that 🤷)

Can I do the detox while pregnant/breastfeeding

Unfortunately, we are not recommending Bold for either pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding and still want to check out the kit, send us an email at [email protected] and we'll swap out Bold for something else!

We kick off your detox with Dirty. Why?

Rather than go cold turkey, the first week, you’ll drink coffee + adaptogens in the form of Dirty Rasa. Dirty has much less caffeine than a normal cup of coffee (~1/3 of a normal cup), and this weaning process will make going full decaf much less pai

Be Bold in your second week…

Bold features rhodiola, eleuthero, schisandra, cordyceps and gynostemma (to name a few) that complement one another in flavor and function. Each of these herbs have been traditionally used for thousands of years for energy, focus, endurance and perfo

Life is just better when chocolate is involved.

The direct-trade cacao, rhodiola, and cinnamon in our fan-favorite Cacao blend combine for an indulgent, slightly caffeinated cuppa haute chocolate. While Cacao does contain caffeine, it’s only about 5 mg worth per serving compared to much more in an

Don’t mess with the OG

Our signature blend features 3000 mg of adaptogens that support you with calm, nourishing energy without the need for caffeine. Rhodiola and eleuthero give you the herbal uplift you want while roasted date seed, chicory, and ceylon cinnamon provide t

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