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Referral Program

How to manage your Rasa account. What is the Referral Program, and what/how to manage?

Referral Program - Social Snowball

If you're thinking, "I want to share this good stuff with my friends!"...You’re in luck! Our new Social Snowball referral program lets you share your love of Rasa by giving you a unique-to-you coupon code to share! For every purchase completed with y

What's the Rasa Referral Program?

We've just launched our Rasa Referral program. It's quite straight forward - Share your code with a friend - they get 15% discount on their first order, as a new customer, and you get $15. Spreading Rasa, reducing stress, and getting free cash money?

How do I get paid for my Referrals?

Sharing your code with others, sets you up to be paid out $15 per referral, once they've made their first Rasa purchase. 7 Days after their 1st order has been shipped, an automatic $15 is sent to your account, waiting for approval. Approvals are done

Why were my payouts rejected?

At its heart, our program is meant to be a program where you (or any referrer) share the code with your/their friends, family, and people you/they know. As you can imagine, this is quite tricky to track, but we do have an anti-fraud system in place t