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Can I drink more than 1 cup in a day?Updated a year ago

Heck yes! At the Rasa Casa (yes, we are total dweebs and we actually call it that 😄), we are often known to drink 2-4 cups a day. Most Rasa blends are well-balanced and gentle formulas with little risk of drinking too much. With some of the stronger blends like Bold, start with 1 cup and build up from there while observing how you feel.

But of course, always always always listen to your body! Every body is different. If it feels like too much Rasa….it probably is! 

We did have the formula run by numerous herbalists, and literally asked the question, “What if people drink 20 cups a day?” The herbalists all felt that the biggest risk was loose stools, because several of the herbs in Rasa are gently detoxifying.

But again: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! The body knows, and it speaks! 💛

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