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Is Rasa safe for pregnancy and nursing?

Many people ask if you can consume Rasa during pregnancy and nursing. The official answer is that there is not enough information about several of the herbs in Rasa to determine safety for either. That said, our gentlest blends— Original, Cacao, and

Is Rasa Safe for Children?

This is one of those personal parent-judgment questions! The Rasa formula in our Original and Cacao blends is a gentle, nourishing blend, designed to be balanced and safe for most people, most of the time. Because these blends use whole herbs it shou

Can I drink more than 1 cup in a day?

Heck yes! At the Rasa Casa (yes, we are total dweebs and we actually call it that 😄), we are often known to drink 2-4 cups a day. Most Rasa blends are well-balanced and gentle formulas with little risk of drinking too much. With some of the stronger

Is Chicory safe for pregnancy and nursing?

After doing some digging⛏, we have found that there are a couple different reasons this belief around chicory is making the rounds on baby👶forums. The main source appears to be a Livestrong article several people reference: