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Does it taste like coffee?Updated 23 days ago

Most people wouldn’t mistake Rasa for coffee... but it does “scratch the coffee itch” with its dark, roasty vibes.

Our most coffee-like blends include:

Original Rasa is dark, rich, and roasty, earthy, nutty, and slightly bitter. Its robust flavor softens and sweetens dramatically when you add something creamy! It does NOT taste exactly like coffee!

Cacao Rasa tastes sort of like savoring the subtle notes of a dark chocolate bar (mocha vibes!). One customer said “opening the bag is like getting smacked in the face with a bar of chocolate,” so if kinky chocolate face-slaps are your thing, you’ll love Cacao Rasa!

Dirty Rasa tastes just like coffee! It’s our herbal formula blended with coffee. The coffee we chose is medium roast, smooth, balanced, sweet, & with a chocolatey note. The herbs make the flavor of Dirty Rasa more complex than normal coffee.

Here’s a TikTok that shares a bit about the flavor profile of each blend!

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