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Rasa Product Information

How does Rasa work? - Flavor - Function - Caffeine - Gluten - Kosher - Sugar Free - Shelf Life - Ingredients - Rasa vs Coffee - Are we different to other coffee alternatives?

How much caffeine is in Rasa?

Our Magnificent Mushrooms, Original, Elderberry, and Golden Chai are completely caffeine-free. However cacao is in our Cacao, Spicy Rose, Bold, and Calm. Each containing different amounts, but very low. Cacao is in the Bold and Calm blend at <1 gram.

How can Rasa be energizing if there’s no caffeine?

Magic! OK, well, actually, not quite. Two of the herbs in Rasa are classic endurance and energizing herbs: rhodiola and eleuthero. Rhodiola is often used by athletes to support peak performance, and eleuthero is often used in Traditional Chinese Medi

Is Rasa Gluten Free?

While we are not Certified Gluten-Free, Rasa contains no grains (like many other coffee alternative products) or gluten-containing ingredients, and is produced in a 100% gluten-free facility.

Is Rasa Kosher?

Each of the herbs we use are individually certified kosher, and Rasa is produced in a kosher facility. However, because of the financial and administrative overhead to obtain certifications, and our teeny company size, we are currently focusing all t

Is Rasa organic?

Our Original, Cacao, Dirty, AIP blends, as well as Magnificent Mushrooms, are certified organic. We are in the process of working to get the rest of our blends certified, which are largely made up of organic ingredients (check for the * on the ingred

Will this keep me awake if I drink it at night?

Because many of the herbs in Rasa are adaptogens, they’ll affect everyone a little differently! We get some customers who *only* drink Rasa at night, while others find it too stimulating to drink after dark. We recommend you try it in the daytime fir

Are any of your blends mushroom-free?

Spicy Rose Cacao, Super Happy Sunshine, Golden Chai, and Peppermint Cacao (our seasonal holiday blend) are all mushroom-free!

Some of the ingredients changed on my bag of Rasa. What’s up with that?

Great question. We’re in the process of shifting all of our blends to our new base formulation which adds maca and roasted date seed, and removes he shou wu. You can read more about these herbs and why we are swapping them out here!. Out of respect f

Shelf Life and Best By Date

Rasa has a 3-year shelf life, after which the product does not really expire it just loses potency.At Rasa, we use the Julian Date to denote our pack date - meaning 261 2020 = September 19, 2020. The first set of numbers is the day of the year. (This

What ingredients are in the blends?

Great question! The best way to see every ingredient in any blend is to go to that blend, then scroll down and you will find the ingredients link just below Add to Cart:

Do you offer free samples?

While bigger companies are able to send free samples at ease, a small start-up like us cannot afford to send free samples. Boo. We're sorry! If you’d like to test-drive Rasa, we recommend our Rasa Ritual Sample Pack for just over $1 per serving! That

Does it taste like coffee?

Most people wouldn’t mistake Rasa for coffee... but it does “scratch the coffee itch” with its dark, roasty vibes. Our most coffee-like blends include:. Original Rasa is dark, rich, and roasty, earthy, nutty, and slightly bitter. Its robust flavor so

Can you tell me more about the flavor and function of each blend?

Not only can we tell you, we can show you with this nifty chart we created:. Not sure which blend to start with? Take our quiz to find the best blend for you, or grab a Rasa Ritual Sample Pack to try them all!

How are you different from the other coffee alternatives out there?

Oh, we are so glad you asked! There sure are lots of products out there to choose from and we take a lot of pride in the products we sell and the intention we put behind them. Here are some ways that Rasa is unique:. And, to be frank, we think Rasa t

Oxalate Testing Rasa Original

Rasa has done oxalate testing on Original, which has the largest amount of herbs that are considered higher in oxalates (chicory, dandelion, etc.), and we were pleased to find that Rasa Original is low in oxalates! In a 8 oz cup of Rasa, there is 1.5