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Free Shipping isn't applying?Updated 3 months ago

If you've just added a 2nd bag to your subscription in your portal in order to get the free shipping perk and it's not showing up, give it 30 seconds, refresh your page and check again. It sometimes takes 30 seconds longer than it feels like it should take to see that reflected in your portal. 

If it still isn't showing up as free shipping, make sure that the 2 bags you've chosen reach the $50 threshold for the free shipping perk. Some of our blends don't get you over the $50 mark even with 2 bags and you might want to consider doing a 2lb bag of your favorite blend and spacing out your frequency. 

If you're over $50, and you've waited 30 seconds, and you've refreshed your page and it's still not giving you free shipping COME ON! Reach out to us at [email protected] because that's just frustrating. We'll get you fixed up over there. 

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