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How to make edits to your subscription, plus all the benies!


What are the benefits of becoming a Rasa subscriber?

Well, you get a Rasa, and you get a Rasa, and you get a Rasa—every month!. And the nagging feeling that you should drink a little less coffee can go POOF** because you’re totally stocked up on a coffee alternative that actually makes you feel good. G

How do I subscribe to a product?

While it's not required, it will save you some hassle to first login or create an account before subscribing. Then be sure to pick the subscription option on any product page on our website--you'll see an option for a One-Time purchase or to Subscrib

How do I change/pause/cancel my subscription?

Login to your account by clicking the account button on the menu bar of our website -. Click “Manage Subscription.” You will be prompted to enter the email associated with your account, and then will be sent a code via email and/or text message to en

How do I swap my subscription for another product? Or add a product to my subscription?

Want to swap your subscription for another product or add another Rasa to your subscription? Lucky for you, you can manage both of these in your subscriber portal! Here's how. Login to your account. Under the section that shows your current subscript

Heads Up Emails

A few days before your subscription pulls through, you'll receive an email from us that will give you a heads up about what is going to ship, where it's going to ship and when it's going to ship. If you have pushed our emails to spam or unsubscribed

I canceled my subscription but it's still shipping!

If your subscription has already pulled through and your card has been charged, your order is already well on its way in our shipping queue and we can't pull it back to make changes. 😰. Any changes made at that point, will go into affect for next mo

Every 30 days is too often.

If you're finding you're not going through your Rasa as fast as it's shipping out, drink more!😉. Or you can login to your subscription and click Manage Subscription, then you'll see some choices and a little "More" button with 3 dots... click on the

I swapped to try the new blend and I'm stuck!

We're so excited about our limited time blends. 😃  Literally, we all watch the stock counts and squeal with delight at the dwindling number on the shelves. Thank you for being a fan!. But if you're trying to swap out this month's subscription blend