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What are the benefits of becoming a Rasa subscriber?

Well, you get a Rasa, and you get a Rasa, and you get a Rasa—every month!. And the nagging feeling that you should drink a little less coffee can go POOF** because you’re totally stocked up on a coffee-alternative that actually makes you feel good. G

How do I subscribe to a product?

While it's not required, it will save you some hassle to first login or create an account before subscribing. Then be sure to pick the subscription option on any product page on our website--you'll see an option for a One-Time purchase or to Subscrib

How do I change/pause/cancel my subscription?

Login to your account by clicking the account button on the menu bar of our website, next to the shop button, and clicking login:. Once you're logged in, click “Manage Subscriptions.". From there, you can edit, pause as long as you need to, or cancel

How do I swap my subscription for another product? Or add a product to my subscription?

Want to swap your subscription for another product or add another Rasa to your subscription? Lucky for you, you can manage both of these in your subscriber portal! Here's how. To swap your products:. Login to your account, click "manage" next to the