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Heads Up EmailsUpdated 9 months ago

A few days before your subscription pulls through, you'll receive an email from us that will give you a heads up about what is going to ship, where it's going to ship and when it's going to ship. 

If you have pushed our emails to spam or unsubscribed from our emails, our feelings are only a little hurt, but more importantly, you won't be receiving those emails about your upcoming orders. 

It's actually reeeeeeeaaaaally reeeeeeeeaaaally important to our customer care team that you're seeing these emails. Please be sure they aren't going to your spam folder.  

There will be quick links to change your address and manage your subscription. You'll be able to swap blends or even skip a subscription. 

Listen, we've had actual meetings on how to make this easier for you. If you block us, don't forget you still have a subscription. Spamming us doesn't automatically cancel that. 

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