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How are you different from the other coffee alternatives out there?Updated 23 days ago

Oh, we are so glad you asked! There sure are lots of products out there to choose from and we take a lot of pride in the products we sell and the intention we put behind them. Here are some ways that Rasa is unique:

  • Rasa uses whole herbs, adaptogens, & mushrooms that you brew & strain (no coffee, except for our Dirty blend!)
  • Rasa has between 2000-11,000 mg + mushrooms & adaptogens per cup, depending on which blend you choose
  • We offer a variety of blends for flavor and function--from libido to exercise recovery, calm, energy, and more!
  • Most of our blends have zero to trace amounts of caffeine (except for our Dirty blend, which contains real coffee!)
  • Rasa costs between $.93-$1.60 per cup, depending on the blend (the ones with more functional mushrooms & adaptogens cost more), and even less if you subscribe, making us one of the more affordable options
  • Rasa is clinical herbalist-formulated for flavor and function, obsessively sourced for quality and sustainability, woman-owned, and a Public Benefit Corporation! 🥳
  • Our products are blessed by grassfed unicorns*

And, to be frank, we think Rasa tastes a whole lot better than the other coffee alternatives we've tried (and we've tried many, you can see an example here).

And if you want to see us break down us vs. our competitors, you can see that here.

Have even more specific questions? Shoot us an email at [email protected]

*Grassfed unicorns not approved by the FDA

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