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How much caffeine is in Rasa?Updated a year ago

Our Magnificent Mushrooms, Original, Elderberry, and Golden Chai are completely caffeine-free. However cacao is in our Cacao, Spicy Rose, Bold, and Calm. Each containing different amounts, but very low.

Cacao is in the Bold and Calm blend at <1 gram. Based on our caffeine testing for our other blends, like the Cacao Rasa, we’re confident that there are only trace amounts in Bold and Calm, ~1 mg or less per cup. For reference, a cup of coffee can average 140 mg per cup, and decaf coffee can have up to 7 mg. ☕️

For The Spicy Rose and Cacao they both come back at under 5mg of caffeine per cup.

Our Dirty blend contains Fair Trade coffee, and contains 35 mg of caffeine, about 1/5 a standard cup of coffee. If you brew Dirty Rasa double-strong, an 8 oz cup will have 70 mg of caffeine.

Our energy source mostly stems from our many high-quality, sustainably sourced adaptogens. These are herbs that are known to help the body adapt to stress and reach homeostasis thus they provide energy without the crash or other negative side effects typically experienced with caffeine. Rasa also contains herbs that help detox your body mostly targeting your gut, liver, and kidneys. If those organs are happy and clean, so will your energy! 🤓

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