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I tried swapping to the limited time blend and I'm stuck!Updated 5 months ago

We're so excited about our limited time blends. 😃  Literally, we all watch the stock counts and squeal with delight at the dwindling number on the shelves. Thank you for being a fan! 

But if you're trying to swap out this month's subscription blend in order to try the limited time blend, our subscription portal won't be able to put that order through. 

What gives? Well, the subscription portal is just that. It's a portal for subscriptions. So when you take your subscription out and try to purchase something that's only available as a one-time order, such as our limited time blends or a brew equipment item, the subscription system can no longer find the subscription items to ship your one-time item with. 

Might as well add on that subscription for the free shipping on orders over $50! 😉 

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