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Is Rasa Safe for Children?Updated 2 years ago

This is one of those personal parent-judgment questions! The Rasa formula in our Original and Cacao blends is a gentle, nourishing blend, designed to be balanced and safe for most people, most of the time. Because these blends use whole herbs it should be fine for children. But nothing is one-size-fits-all! You know your children best. If you choose to share Rasa with your children, keep the dosage small and age-appropriate. Sometimes Lopa serves her 4-year-old a splash of Rasa with a bunch more almond milk. He loves it! If he’s taking a sip from her cup, he usually only has one or two sips, and that seems totally fine for him.

Keep an eye on your little(s) and if you notice anything unusual, maybe it’s not a good fit for them at this time. Little bodies are more sensitive so they may notice these herbs more than our bodies do! But they may also be just fine. It’s your call!

If you’re going to share Rasa with your kids, stick with Original and Cacao, since our other blends are much more potent.

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