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What's the Rasa Referral Program?Updated 9 days ago

We've just launched our Rasa Referral program

It's quite straight forward - Share your code with a friend - they get 15% discount on their first order, after its been shipped, as a new customer, and you get $15. 

Spreading Rasa, reducing stress, and getting free cash money? HECK TO THE YEAH! [Channels Oprah as we toss Rasa to the masses]

When you place your first order at Rasa, you automatically get signed up in our Referral system. If you don't want to share with anyone - thats OK - just leave it.

If you want to earn $15 for each referral then go ahead and share the code that was sent out to you. 7 Days after their first order has shipped your account is credited and waiting for the payment notification to be sent out. 

Payments will be authorized during the last week of every month. It's automatic. 

The program works through the email address you initially used when making your Rasa purchases, so please make sure you're using the same email address/account for every purchase--we cannot merge accounts.

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