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Why were my payouts rejected?Updated 7 months ago

At its heart, our program is meant to be a program where you (or any referrer) share the code with your/their friends, family, and people you/they know. As you can imagine, this is quite tricky to track, but we do have an anti-fraud system in place that will interfere when it sees any of the following: 

  • Multiple people using the same code within a few minutes of each other

  • Multiple people using the same code with foreign payment methods

  • Multiple people using the same code within a week from extremely different areas of the country

  • A promo code appearing on a site that exists exclusively to share discount codes (this goes against the spirit of the program as the person with the code is not referring friends, family, etc., and instead is trying to insert themselves into a shopping process that they would otherwise not be a part of)

We hope you haven’t, but if you have posted your code on a promo code site, that is, unfortunately, against our referral program policy. I’ve included them in this email below in case you missed them in the introduction email about the referral program you received.

While the first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club, we obviously want you to talk about the Referral Program. That’s the whole point! So, our rules are:

  • Talk about the Referral Program as much as possible to all your friends, people at work, pretty much anyone you like, except…

  • Do not put any kind of paid promotion behind your promo code.

  • Do not, under any circumstances, put your promo code on a coupon site.

  • And don’t share the code with people who live in the same household as you. Sharing is caring, so make them some Rasa, but they cannot use your code to get a discount on their own shipments of Rasa.

Taking any of the above actions will trigger our anti-fraud system, automatically canceling any payouts. Any two rule breaks will result in a ban on our referral system to minimize fraud.

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